Side Effects Of Alcohol Withdrawal Under Detoxification Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction are the two most common forms of addiction that is wide spread in people all across the world. Addiction is a bad habit that people develop without even realizing what harm they cause to their body.

Are you also suffering from alcohol addiction? Do you want to overcome the situation and lead a sober and clean life again? If yes then visit us here! We at Lighthouse Rehabilitation centre take pride in treating our patients of Orange County with special care and 24X7 nurse and medical attention.

What are the side effects of alcohol withdrawal?

No matter what addiction you withdraw from, it is bound to be followed by some side effects and risk factors. In majority of the cases the patients undergo sever traumatic and painful symptoms like that of flu, cold and small forms of seizures. This is the main reason every rehabilitation centre needs to have 100% medical care for alcohol and similar addiction withdrawal treatments. Lighthouse provides patient with 24X7 supervision under trained nurses. This supervision is very essential for complete recovery of the patients. Maximum risk that is faced by the patients occurs from anxiety and trauma, leading to severe depression. The side effects don’t end here. If proper medical care is not provided, patient ends up into insomnia and even cardiac stress situation. Actually the risk factor is variable and the severity depends solely on the addiction you are withdrawing from. Some common side effects that follow alcohol withdrawal are –

  1. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand
  2. Stress on the cardiovascular system
  3. Sleeping disorders followed by insomnia
  4. Body dehydration
  5. Vomiting and nausea – this situation if not properly supervised can even lead to choking of the patient
  6. Delirium and seizures are very common
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To prevent patients from undergoing such withdrawal side effects it is very important that the patients are subjected to detoxification treatment. The main agenda is to ease the situation while the withdrawal process is on. The detox medicines work well to provide all patients with proper comfort.

Symptoms that are observed in alcohol withdrawal cases after consumption of detox:

The symptoms of drug detox vary from that of alcohol detox has the withdrawal side effects more severe in case of drugs. The common symptoms that are observed in case of alcohol withdrawal are –

  • The patients often get panic stricken and show severe anxiety
  • A long process of detoxification leads to depression
  • Sleeping disorder or insomnia followed by restlessness
  • Seizures and tremors
  • Patients find it difficult to concentrate on various items
  • Some suffer from temporary memory loss issues
  • Mood swings are common after anxiety
  • Flu and cold are frequent
  • Headache
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Excess perspiration
  • Arrhythmia or excess pulse rate or palpitation
  • Muscle cramps and severe pain

Since the symptoms vary in severity from patient to patient, lighthouse provides them with special medical care on an individual basis.

One must be careful while withdrawal of alcohol. The side effects and detox symptoms for alcohol withdrawal cases last from few weeks to several months and this period deserve constant supervision.

The withdrawal severity depends solely on the time frame for which you have consumed alcohol. The side effects start showing up within 2 hours of withdrawal and it reaches its extreme in 48 hours. Most patients recover within a week from alcohol withdrawal.

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